Online Data entry Jobs – Make more money with Megatypers Captcha typing

Working from home as part time job or offline jobs are mainly done by Women or house wife. They are looking for jobs to fulfil their leisure time and which will support to increase their monthly income by their earning.
Many women were moving to corporate companies but they are not able to continue their position there due to mismatching of their expectation with the corporate. So women are choosing their career looking after their expectations by make money from home.
Megatypers is a management company; It is providing its service that is data entry service to private as well as government institutions. They support their client’s requirements like converting softcopy documents into digital documents. They provide multiple services like
  1. Image to text recognition
  2. Voice to text transcription
  3. Assisting visually impaired to overcome internet’s visual challenge
Both the megatypers and protypers having same kind of works and earning plans. Because both the sites are owned by one.

Prospects of Megatypers

Megatypers looking for workers all around the world with typing knowledge. Also they are expecting some additional skills from their employers. Their expectations are
  1. Good typing skill
  2. You must have computer with internet connection
  3. Ability to type atleast 10 words per minute
  4. Flexible to work
  5. You can work at any time
  6. You can earn more as you type

Who can do this job?

To whom this job is suitable and who can do this job efficiently to earn more or to increase their monthly income. The main advantage over other data entry jobs on internet is no investment.
  • Women staying at home
  • College students
  • People looking for secondary job
  • People likes to work as part time
  • Mom who is looking after her child at home

How can you get your earnings?

Earnings for your work at home will be paid to you through any of the banking process. Top typers can earn up to $100 to $250 as typercredits each month.
Megatypers payment rates ranges from $0.45 as typercredits for each 1000 word images typed and as a high $1.5 typercredits for each 1000 words typed. The payment will be through Debit cards, Bank cheque, Paypal, Western Union and etc.
Finally, I’m recommending you to enter, after reading more on that site take a decision to join and start your earnings with megatypers captcha typing works.
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